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    Clash Royale Game Overview

    What do you do when you are in alone and have nothing to do? Most of the people will answer that they play any video game on their smart phones. In this era of technology video games have become a great leisure activity. They upgrade every now and then and provides the gamers with best games.

    Clash Royale is a game which is mainly for the people who aspire to conquer the world or rule a region. It is a warrior game and is thrilling for war games.

    Clash Royale is a free download game which is available on Google Play Store and Ios.
    There are in app purchases. Thus Clash Royale works on freemium policy. it is made and published by Supercell and was released on March 2, 2016

    The components of the game include collectible cards, online multiplayer battle arena, and tower defense.

    This game sounds exciting, isn't it? Let us know what is this game all about.

    About the game
    In this game, a player is given trophy and cards which help in ranking the player. The game with more number of trophies and cards will be ranked higher. The highest level is thirteen. Trophies and cards are won by playing a multiplayer battle online and the one who wins takes away points, trophies and cards while the one who loose takes nothing.


    The victory of a player is when he destroys more towers of the opponent or destroys the crown tower which is the tower of the king of the opponent.
    There are 11 playing arenas in all and each corresponds to a specific trophy range.

    Cards used in this game are playable units. Before each game players make a deck of eight cards. Four Cards are selected randomly at the starting to defend and attack the opponent's towers. The cards are basically a weapon which helps them to attack the opponent. The present version has 74 cards which are divided into four categories: Rare, Epic, Common and Legendary.

    When a player wins a multiplayer battle then he obtains a treasure chest. As you don't get treasures easily, in the same way, these chests take a certain period of time to open up or unlock which thus depends on the rarity of the chest.

    Gems in this game are used to play tournaments, also they help in fastening the process of unlocking the chest. The chest contains cards, trophies, points, and gems.


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    The question which comes up now is that when can you join a clan or make your own?
    From the very beginning i.e. from the level one you can join or make a clan. Battles that can be played are:
    One vs one
    Two vs two
    A friendly battle for other clan members to see.
    It is on level eight that you unlock the tournament. It can only be created by using gems. It is the gamer who decides to make it password protected or leave it open.
    Winning a tournament rewards you with a treasure chest.
    The game is super exciting and deserves your attention!